16 Feb 2019

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Many factors affect how serious pneumonia is, such as the type of germ causing the lung infection, your age, and your overall health. Pneumonia tends to be ...

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Learn about the different Pneumonia and what causes the infection.

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“A lot of treatment aspects, as well as outcome, depend on the person, as well as the pneumonia they have,” says Dr. Barron.

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Community-acquired Pneumonia is acquired outside of a hospital and care facility setting. It is not contagious except in ...

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If you get type you have ...

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Types of Pneumonia. Bacterial Pneumonia. Bacterial pneumonia can attack anyone, at any Pneumonia. Viral Pneumonia. Most respiratory viruses attack the upper respiratory tract, but some cause pneumonia, especially in children. Mycoplasma Pneumonia. Mycoplasma are the smallest free-living agents of disease. Other Types of ...


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Depending on the cause, doctors often treat Pneumonia. However, it is still the ...

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pneumonia phrases you should know. The terminology may be ...

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Many different Pneumonia, as well as viruses and, more rarely, ...

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Sometimes, pneumonia of organism that ...

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Dr. Roy Debjani, Internal Medicine at NorthShore, discusses the Different Pneumonia of Pneumoniayou should know and prevention.


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Read about walking type, and ...

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The signs and symptoms of type of germ causing the infection, and your ...

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This article covers community-acquired Pneumonia is found in people who have not recently been in the ...

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type is an infection in your lungs that inflames the air sacs, sometimes filling them with fluid or pus. It can be caused by a number of ...

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Detailed information on Pneumonia, diagnosis, and treatment.

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The main pneumonia. Other pneumonias.

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type is an infection that inflames the air sacs in one or both of the lungs, and its symptoms can range from mild to life-threatening.

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