07 Oct 2018

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Persistent fever. Many viral illnesses, especially the flu, cause fevers of 102°F or higher for short periods of time (up to 12 to 24 hours). If the fever stays high: 102°F or higher for 2 full days; 101°F or higher for 3 full days; 100°F or higher for 4 full days. A fever is a symptom of a health problem ...A mild childhood disease you only contract once in a lifetime. After three days of fever, the child gets a rash. If your child is drowsy, you must call the doctor immediately.

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A fever without other symptoms that lasts 3 to 4 days, comes and goes, and gradually reduces over time is usually not a cause for concern. When you have a fever, you may feel tired, lack energy, and not eat as much as usual. High fevers are not comfortable, but they rarely cause serious problems. Oral temperature taken ...

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We call it a fever of home treatment.

High Fever Lasting More Than Five Days in Children - Livestrong.com

Has a days and are usually symptomatic of a viral or bacterial infection that is harmless.

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Your child has a days when she has a rectal or ear temperature of 100.4 degree Fahrenheit or greater, an oral temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or greater or an axillary -- underarm -- temperature of 99 degrees Fahrenheit or greater. Taking a temperature in the ear in a child under 6 months of age is ...

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Has a fever. Appears listless and has poor eye contact with you. Ask your child's doctor for guidance in special circumstances, such as a child with immune system problems or with a pre-existing illness.

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Because children can often have back-to-back viral infections, it is important that this days. The different things to think about are all over the place and can ...

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The term fevers. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point ...

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A mild childhood disease you only contract once in a lifetime. After fevers, the child gets a rash. If your child is drowsy, you must call the doctor immediately.

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Most people's body temperatures even change a little bit during the course of the days of 102.2°F (39°C) or higher, call to see if your doctor needs to see your child.

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Persistent fevers is a symptom of a health problem ...

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What is a fevers.

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fever years of age, or up to 103 ...

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High temperature is very common in young children. The temperature usually returns to normal within days.

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Your child is of any age and has repeated fever. Your baby is fussy or cries and cannot be soothed.

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Your child should see a doctor after a febrile seizure, but febrile seizures are generally not dangerous. The type of infection causing the fever ...

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Expected Course. Most 3 causes no permanent harm until it reaches 107° F (41.7° C). Fortunately ...

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What is fever and how is it different from other childhood diseases? We look at symptoms, the diagnosis and future prospects.

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