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A rash is a change of the human skin which affects its color, appearance, or texture. A rash may be localized in one part of the body, or affect all the skin. Rashes may cause the skin to change color, itch, become warm, bumpy, chapped, dry, cracked or blistered, swell, and may be painful. The causes, and therefore ...Leg Rash Information Including Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, Videos, Forums, and local community support. Find answers to health issues you can trust from Healthgrades.com.

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Rashes are one of the most common medical symptoms. We examine 56 potential causes of rashes, including images and links to more detailed information.

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Includes: • Why skin Rashes.

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Contact dermatitis is a very common rashes, or burning of the skin.

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Irritants and allergens that come into contact with the skin can lead to contact dermatitis, the most common causes.

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A diaper Rashes at some point. Although the ...

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A rash is defined as a non-specific sign of a skin condition that usually involves reddening and itching. It may be a flat plaque, a swollen patch or may consist of a number of small red spots. The rash may present as non-itching scales. A number of conditions Rashes on the chest. The University of ...


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Penis Rashes are often accompanied by itching, and both can be caused by irritation, an allergic ...

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A causes include irritating substances and allergies. Certain genes can make people ...

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causes on neck is an inflammatory reaction of the skin covering the neck, head and the chest. Know more about its symptoms, treatments & more from our experts.

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Allergies can also Rashes on your dog's belly. Environmental allergies, like contact dermatitis or reactions to something on the ground like fertilizer, cleaning products, poison ivy, or other irritants, flea allergy dermatitis, and food allergies, food sensitivities, and food intolerance can lead to itchy bumps ...

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Hives, also known as urticaria, welts, weals, or nettle Rashes on the skin, often accompanied by swelling.


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A causes, and therefore ...

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causes? Skin rashes have an exhaustive list of potential causes, including infections. In a broad sense, rashes are commonly categorized as infectious or noninfectious. The following are causes of infectious rashes.

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Many viral infections can rashes in addition to other symptoms. Rashes are very common with viral infections, especially in young children. It is very important to make sure the rash is not part of a serious infection - eg, meningococcal infection which can be associated with meningitis. If you have any ...

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One of the most common skin disorders that rashes is atopic dermatitis (ay-TOP-ik dur-muh-TI-tis), also known as eczema. Atopic dermatitis is an ongoing (chronic) condition that makes skin red and itchy. Most often it appears as patches on the hands, feet, ankles, neck, upper body and limbs. It tends ...

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Bumps, itching, redness and other skin conditions are very common, and their rashes can be caused by many things, including plants (poison ivy, for example), allergic reactions to a medication or a food, or an illness (measles or chickenpox, for example). Eczema and hives, both of ...

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